Thompson Tree Tools LLC

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Unicender the best way to go vertical


  • Ability to ascend and descent using one tool.
  • Ability to climb on both double rope technique and single rope technique.
  • Automatic advance when used with double rope technique.
  • Two descent modes.
  • Easy to attach mid-line.
  • Smooth clamping surfaces.

  • Safety – no need to switch between ascender and descenders tools.
  • Time saving – seamless transitions from ascending to descending.
  • Simplicity – less gear to carry.
  • Versatility – allows you to capitalize on the strengths of both climbing techniques.
  • Efficiency – Minimal setback, all energy goes to climbing.
  • User friendly – allows you to select preferred descent mode.
  • Speed – faster than tying a prussic.
  • Value – long useful life.
  • Gentle on the climb line – longer climb line life.