Thompson Tree Tools LLC

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Who We Are

Hi my name is Morgan Thompson, I am the founder of Thompson Tree Tools, and the inventor of the Unicender climbing tool. The unicender is the first "multicender." I am a machinist by trade and a climber by passion: rock, trees, towers, anything to go vertical. I am an admitted gear head and am always in search for better climbing gear.

Frustration with the conventional climbing systems led me to develop my own climbing tool. The goal was to have a simple rugged tool that could be easily attached midline, could seamlessly ascend and descend the rope, and could work with doubled rope or single rope techniques. After many prototypes and extensive testing, finally, I bring you: the Unicender climbing tool. But not without help. I owe huge thanks to my mom, Deb and sister, Susan for their support and to Keith Vanderhye for design and testing help. I am also grateful to, Bob Vanderhye for his generous help with patenting the unicender climbing tool. The unicender climbing tool is dedicated to my dad Jon, who always said, "you are only as good as your tools."

Climb safe, climb high, go vertical!

Morgan Thompson