Thompson Tree Tools LLC

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The Thompson Tree Sling

Adjustable chain sling

No matter how you cut it, there is always that crane job where you need one more foot of reach. We can't give you more reach, but when the pick is out in the nosebleed section, having the perfect length sling makes all the difference. It lets you rig the pick as high as possible with a little left to pretention the pick. The adjustable length crane sling is a chain sling that is strong and light, quick to attach to the load, yet secure and safe. it is the most versatile sling out there for crane-assisted tree removal.

The oposed safety hook adjuster can shorten the sling anywhere from 13 feet to 1 foot in one inch increments. The choker hook has a tee-bar that only can be attached or detached from the oblong ring by turning it 90 degrees, this insures that it can not come undone under load. the sling is made from grade 100 componants, and is rated to 4560 lbs with the load angle at 90 degrees.